Brian Buffini - Real Estate Coach
About Brian Buffini

Real Estate Coach & Motivational Speaker


I arrived in California, a wide-eyed 19-year-old Irish boy with not much more than a willingness to work and a believable grin.

I spent 10 great years in real estate, and another 25 building America’s largest business coaching company – Buffini & Company.

I built it on a belief that things could be done better, we could be better, our businesses could be and our lives could be too. And they were.

Doing good in our work life and being good with the money we make is one side of it. Our personal lives, being good at home, saving the best for our families is of course the other.

When both come into balance, we hit the sweet spot they call the good life. I’ve taught, and learned a lot, along my own journey to the good life.

And through my new venture “It’s a Good Life” I want to show as many others as I can how to get there too.

“It’s a Good Life” will give you simple tips, tools and training to live your best one.

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