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You heard the update on the real state of real estate. Now, download the resources to help you succeed in the second half of 2023.
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The Brand Lexicon Sample Template
A successful brand is far more than just a logo, it’s how your customers truly feel about your business.
The Entrepreneur’s Playbook
As entrepreneurs, we bet on ourselves. We’re willing to work without the safety net of a salary and trust that if we do enough of the right things, we’ll ultimately win.
ABC Your Home Expenses
Here is an action guide that will help you list your expenses and help you find ways to manage your expenses.
Debt Reduction Rollover Plan
If your debt is primarily on credit cards, cut and cancel your cards. If necessary, acquire—or keep—one low interest rate card that you will pay off monthly.
Getting Your Financial House in Order
Let’s finally get to all the things! This practical assessment will shine a light on where you’re at with your money and affairs. And what you need to go to work on.
As a Man Thinketh
In the 1903 classic “As a Man Thinketh,” James Allen explains why we are what we think. Download an exerpt of the book to learn how our thoughts mold and direct our lives.
7 Ways to Get the Mortgage Monkey Off Your Back
Brian Buffini breaks down the mortgage math and offers seven common-sense tips for paying off a mortgage early.
My Bucketlist
A bucket list can give you hope, show you purpose and introduce joy back into your day. Learn how to write a life-changing bucket list to categorize your dreams and meet your goals.
How to Win the Day
Win your day to win your year! Learn what you need to do each day, week and month to grow your business.
The Magic of Owning a Home
Homeownership is the cornerstone of the American Dream.Learn why owning is better than renting for many people.