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How to Delight Your Customers

In this episode, Brian teaches why a positive focus on providing exceptional customer service builds a strong business culture, forges long-lasting relationships and creates a tribe of loyal, referring advocates.

Bigger and Bolder than Ever – My Bold Predictions for the Market

Brian talks to Dave Stevens, a 40-year veteran of the mortgage banking industry, and reveals the facts and strategies that professionals need if they want to succeed in this marketplace.

We’re all in Sales, Here’s How to be Great

Sales is one of the most important professions in the world. In this episode, Brian shares the many virtues of this noble occupation and outlines the three characteristics that all great salespeople share.

Control Your Own Economy

Brian explains how to achieve phenomenal success by focusing on your outlook, your attitude and your effort.

The Source of the Good Life

In this episode, Brian teaches the difference between selfish and healthy ambition and explains how harnessing the latter is the key to success in business and in life.   

It’s Time for a 180

Hear three strategies you can use to change direction, get unstuck and start to make phenomenal progress in every area of your life.

The Importance of Struggle

Brian explains why struggle is vital to the good life and shares how we can prepare for it, conquer it and ultimately benefit from it.

The Elimination of Doubt

In this episode, Brian shares three tools that will help you to reduce doubt, take decisive action and achieve phenomenal success.

Wake Up To Your REALStrengths with Rachael Yeaman

REALStrengths expert Rachael Yeaman shares why everything changes when you uncover and leverage your unique strengths. 

REAL Communication with Rachael Yeaman

In this episode, REALStrengths expert Rachael Yeaman explores why so many people struggle to connect and reveals the secrets to high-level communication in business and in life.

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