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The Past Is Gone. The Future is Tomorrow. The Good Life is Now

If you want to live the good life and achieve your goals in the future, you have to understand and own your past first. In this episode, Brian reflects on his interview with Dr. John  …

The Power of Regret – Daniel Pink

Daniel Pink talks about his new book, “The Power of Regret,” and discovers how we can use our regrets to make smarter decisions, perform better and deepen our sense of meaning and purpose.

Getting the Mortgage Monkey Off Your Back

Brian Buffini breaks down the mortgage math and offers seven common-sense tips for paying off a mortgage much sooner!

The Magic of Owning a Home

Homeownership is the cornerstone of the American Dream. In this episode, Brian explains why real estate has been the making of him in his career, as a provider for his family and as a primary  …

Real Estate: The Greatest Career in the World

With 35 years of real estate industry under his belt, Brian explains how real estate set him up for many more opportunities in life and how, with the right training, it can do the same  …

A Message From My Mentors – Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar’s Last Appearance

Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar’s onstage together with Brian at his MasterMind Summit

Take a Bite Out of Life

Brian teaches how to write a life-changing bucket list and describes how to categorize your dreams, why it’s vital to stimulate yourself visually and how to create a bucket list that reflects what the good  …


In this episode, Brian explains how, even when faced with difficulties, this can be your best year yet if you analyze what holds you back, get consistent and become effective.

100 Days to Change Your Life

In just 100 days, you can change your life forever. Brian explains the method and techniques and why it works for every area of life.

Make the Impossible Possible – an Interview with Ben Nemtin

Ben Nemtin, star of MTV’s The Buried Life and co-founder of The Buried Life movement shares how after he struggled with depression, he found purpose and helped others along the way.

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